About Us

About HydroFuel Solutions

HydroFuel is committed and aligned to transitioning South Africa as an emerging net zero emissions economy. The Northern Cape, specifically Richtersveld has been identified as having some of the most significant solar and wind radiance resources in the world, these resources are required for commercial-scale renewable developments and HydroFuel Richtersveld 1GW Green Hydrogen Hub project is strategically located with access to road and rail infrastructure, is adjacent to the ocean and gas pipelines and our vast available land holdings are positioned where the renewable energy potential is greatest.

HydroFuel Solutions(Pty)Ltd a South African based Renewable energy company which specializes in the development of commercially viable Green Hydrogen production Projects via Plasma Waste Gasification and Electrolysis.

We are currently developing 2 Plasma Waste Gasification Plants, located namely: Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone (Western Cape), Coega Industrial Development Zone (Port Elizabeth). Each facility will have a capacity of 3,800,000kg of RH2/ year. A combined total of 7,600,000 kg of RH2 per year at production cost of US$3.00.

Each facility will be located in a Special Economic Zone and in a Deep water port.


Our Core Values

Renewable hydrogen is an emerging resource that will play an important role in tomorrow’s energy mix. HydroFuel’s strategy is to builds on the State’s renewables potential, technical expertise and global reputation to further position HydroFuel brand and South Africa as a key player in future energies domestically and globally.

HydroFuel is well placed to be the pioneer in the renewable hydrogen industry in practical and strategic ways. We present the ability to enable reductions in energy costs, decarbonise local industry and create a new and significant export opportunity. We possess the know-how, capital, and impetus to transition the domestic industry to net zero emissions and become a global renewable energy generator, complementing the global energy exports with renewable energy exports.

Who We Are


Our mission and goals are to be a pioneer of green hydrogen developments in the region, leveraging our domain expertise in developing renewable hydrogen projects that facilitate the transitioning of the South African economy towards net zero emissions.

We Believe in a Hydrogen Future – Our mission is to develop and Build Green Hydrogen Production, infrastructure and to deliver clean renewable energy projects in different provinces in South Africa, through innovative and profitable production processes, aligned with environmental protection and for the development of the communities in which we operate.

Our uniqueness is in our ability to leverage our expertise to commercialise large scale Green Hydrogen production.

HydroFuel Solutions is a vertically integrated business, offering advisory, engineering and design, with a focus of developing projects that we build own and operate together with various key stakeholders.

Our vision is to establish HydroFuel Solutions as a leader in the green hydrogen sector and elevate South Africa on the global stage by demonstrating the country has the technology, skills and entrepreneurial mindset to be ahead of the pack in the development of green hydrogen projects. “We are hard at work establishing projects that will assist us in growing not just domestically but also internationally. We are excited to facilitate and be at the forefront of the transformation to zero emissions economy and establish South Africa’s renewable energy transition in a just and equitable manner.

The Team


Katlego Makena

Katlego Makena

Managing Director

BCom(Accounting)(UJ), CFA

Keamogetswe Ntamu

Keamogetswe Ntamu

COEGA Project Manager

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)                      Mechatronics

Yamekela Yeko

Yamekela Yeko

Project Manager SBIDZ

Bachelor of Engineering(BEngTech) Civil  

Mlibo Yokwe

Mlibo Yokwe

Richtersveld Hydrogen Hub Project Manager