Our Target Markets


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Fuel cell electric vehicles present an early opportunity for hydrogen utilisation for mobility and freight transport. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) are a zero-emissions option particularly for vehicles that require longer ranges, shorter refuelling times, or are weight constrained. South Africa’s extensive road network, which provides a heavy reliance for economic activity and social connectivity is our initial focus area. With investments in partnership with our downstream partners HydroFuel is co – investing in strategically located refuelling infrastructure to support the decarbonisation of our regional road networks. Partnering with Global OEM suppliers and providing industry with the tools, skills, and know-how to support the next generation of zero emissions logistical infrastructure.

Remote Applications

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Hydrogen can reduce reliance on diesel for remotely located industries and communities. Our vision is that HydroFuel’s hydrogen will be used in fuel cells to power fixed and mobile plants, mining vehicles and potentially as a feedstock for industrial processes. Hydrogen can also be used as an alternative to battery energy storage to provide dispatchable power providing a pathway to more competitive supply of power in remote areas delivering power with no carbon footprint.


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The global market for renewable hydrogen is expected to grow significantly over the coming decades. HydroFuel is well placed to capture a significant share of this market due to its excellent relationships in our major export focused markets like Northwest Europe, Japan, South Korea Singapore and China. Our continued efforts in supporting research and development to improve the logistics of LOHC and Ammonia hydrogen export from South African Ports and executed Heads of agreement and MOU’s with our trading partner to position HydroFuel to accelerate this opportunity.


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