HydroFuel Solutions

a South African based Renewable energy company that specializes in the development of commercially viable Green Hydrogen production Projects via Plasma Waste Gasification and Electrolysis.

Who We Are

We Believe in a Hydrogen Future – Our mission is to develop and Build Green Hydrogen Production, infrastructure and to deliver clean renewable energy projects in different provinces in South Africa, through innovative and profitable production processes, aligned with environmental protection and for the development of the communities in which we operate.

What We Do?

We are currently developing 2 Plasma Waste Gasification Plants, located namely: Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone (Western Cape), Coega Industrial Development Zone (Port Elizabeth). Each facility will have a capacity of 3,800,000kg of RH2/ year. A combined total of 7,600,000 kg of RH2 per year at a production cost of US$3.00.
Each facility will be located in a Special Economic Zone and in a Deepwater port.

Each facility will have a capacity of:

3,800,000kg of RH2/ year

Number of Facilities


production cost of 


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